Should I be wid him??? Or should I leave him?? Should I listen to my parents,society or follow my heart!!!???? 

Tears came down rolling from my  eyes as I sat down to figure out wat do I really want..

Living widout him is like living in coma.. no sense.. no feeling,no happiness..

Sacrificing love is like Sacrificing urself for family n starting a new life wid a complete stranger which u dnt even want to.. d last n d worst thing dat can ever happen to anyone is sacrificing love!!

A girl confused whether to choose love or to choose family which clearly meant choosing anyone will lead to losing another n living a life of half dead..

It all started 2yrs ago wen 2complete strangers crossed each other’s path n became best of frnd’s.. dose parties,chilling out going on trips.. little did they knew dat dey were falling for each other..  

He proposed she said yes life was sorted,happiness n love was all around.. candle light dinner n afternoon lunch.. from gud mrng swtheart to gudnyt baby every second of day dey were together..

Until one unfortunate day knocked on their doorsteps.. their affair was now not private anymore.. Reshu was now afraid for wat was going to happen?? Will her family accept Ashwik? Or ll she have to leave Ashwik?? 

He was called for a lunch on a Sunday noon just to get examined n tested n to get approval for their love.. He never knew wat was d value of money until he realised that he ll lose Reshu for monetary terms!! As Reshu belonged to a comparatively richer family than dat of Ashwik.. 

He tried n convinced her family but no one agreed n he got rejected as dis love was a problem to her family m societal status..

Reshu nvr wanted to live without Ashwik n dat was d moment when she had to choose anyone either Ashwik or her family.. wat ll she choose?? Whch path ll she choose to complete her life’s journey.. 

Tears rolled down her eyes as she sat down to decide for wat she really wanted!!

And once again a love, a feeling was murdered on d basis of money n societal status…

Tears rolled down as discussed day knocked their doorsteps..!!!