Are you really going to marry her!!!??:-Asked everyone.

She’s such an introvert,shy and dull. She hardly speak’s and you are so talkative!! You are an extrovert and you like going to new places, making new friend’s and memories.

Will you be able to adjust with her for your whole life? They continued..

Me:- Of course, she’s the perfect match for me. Infact, I am the luckiest man in the world to be marrying to a soul like her’s!!

She was never like this before, she was the most fun loving person i have ever met, she is caring and extrovert to a whole new level.

She is just tired of pouring colours in other people’s lives and getting ditched. She is just tired of not loving herself and giving herself a priority.

I know for now she might b an introvert and shy person bt once you get to know her, your perception about her will change.

And I know that one day she will smile and bloom again like the happiest flower in the garden dancing on the sound of wind❀❀

”Sometime’s it just needs a right mind to understand the pain behind someone’s quiet heart”


Short stories:-2

If your love story was one of the following which one would it be?:- Heer Ranja, Romeo and Juliet? Asked my cousin.

My parent’s i replied!! After all it’s the best love story in the world β€πŸ‘«

Short stories

And he still accepts you for all the things you have done ,for all the pain and broken trust?? Asked my friend’s.

Not he, she!!! I corrected..
Yes that’s the love of a mother no matter how much you hurt her she ll always accept and love you, I know i have hurt her many times by going against her or by not caring of what she was trying to teach me for my own good!!

A mother’s love will always stay the same that know no boundaries and is unconditional , not demanding and always forgiving.πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦β€

Break up (continued)

6years later:-

After ignoring each other for all these years one thing was sure,she was not gonna come back.

She moved on in life in a happy relationship!!

One day suddenly there was knock on the door with a similar voice,”hello ,aunty how are you?”

To my surprise.. it was her!!!

She came in, hugged me and said :-

I have passed my engineering exams.

To which i replied ”Congratulations,m happy for u.”

I asked her to come in and than we sat to tlk abt how has she been all this while,disappearing suddenly.

She started crying and said she was ditched and was completely shattered!!!

So now we know returning into my life wasn’t a sudden choice but because she had nowhere to go.

6years into the relationship and not for once did she realise that the guy was double dating until she caught him red handed!!!

After 2/3hrs of talking into the topic and knowing the whole story, she felt sorry for what she had done and chosen and i felt extremely bad as she had to face this all this alone.

She felt sorry for breaking the friendship and agreeing with him to not to talk with me and how i was correct and putting the efforts to make her stay away from the wrong guy!!!

All my grudges finally disappeared, none of it mattered to me at that time because she was my best friend and was heart broken and all she needed was somebody who could understand and would listen to her.

If not me than who?? Is a thought that stroke my mind and i took the charge after all that what friend’s are for right?? To be with u in thick n thin and ups and downs of your life..

Year’s later we got in touch again and we again are the best friends!!!

This incident has helped us to create a strong bond again..

To all my friend’s out there may your friendship grow strong and yes HAPPY FRIENDSHIP TO YOU😍😊❀

And no matter what,for how long u fight friend’s will always be there for u in times of need!!!

Best friend’s forever!!!(Break up)!!!!πŸ‘­

“I know we have been friend’s for 15long year’s and wish to stay the same for as long as we live”

You are my best friend and never want to loose you, we are more like sister’s, i love how everyone give’s our example,

“Dosti ho to aise warna na ho!!!”

We’ll always be the same FOREVER, nothing can come in the way of our friendship,she claimed..

And i wished the same.

Hey!!! Guess what finally i am in love,he’s the best!! I love him ssooooo muchhhhhh!!! She screamed as loud as she could. I can already hear wedding bells in my head and can’t wait to walk down the aisle and u r going to be my bridesmaid she demanded..

I was happy for her,as i have never seen her this happy..

1 month later:-

Me:- hey, where are you? Why aren’t you receiving my calls and replying to any texts??? I came home bt you weren’t there.. what happened? Is everything alright? Why are you ignoring me?

2 days later she replied:-

‘Hey, m fine and i am SORRY we can’t be friend’s anymore, my boyfriend doesn’t like you and so i cannot be friend’s wid you ANYMORE !!! I can’t afford to loose him, please don’t be mad, i hope u understand..

I was shattered by reading her reply

Like for real?? This why u don’t want to be friend’s with me anymore!!! For a boy u met hardly few month’s ago!!!

What about our lifelong friendship and childhood memories? What happened to our promises? Is dat just it? Is this how you fulfil your promise of never leaving no matter what come’s in the way!!!!??

This is how i realised forever is never true as 15yrs of friendship can break in a month!!!

How easy it is to break forever promises and walk off so easily..

This is my story of breakup.

Forever is just the period that passes by very quickly .

Job Interview

Has this ever happened with you?

Call:- Hii, good morning, Am i speaking to Ms.Rashmi Bharthi?

Rashmi:- Good morning, i am Rashmi

Who’s this?

Caller:- Ma’am this call is regarding the selection of your resume.

May i know where do u live?

Rashmi:- I am from Ulhasnagar.

Caller:- Ok. Ma’am we have vacancy for the back office can u come for the interview tomorrow? Further details regarding job ll b provided there.

Rashmi:- Sure. What time?

Caller:- 11am. I ll forward u the details. Thank you have a good day.

Rashmi:- You too.

Next day…

At the interview:-

Interviewer:- Hello, good morning. Sit down.

Rashmi:- Good morning sir.

Interviewer:- Tell me about yourself.

Rashmi:- My name is Rashmi Bharthi, i am from Ulhasnagar, i am 23yrs old, i am hard working girl and a quick learner.

My qualifications are:- Bcom,Mcom,Advance diploma in banking and finance management,Advance diploma in HR payroll.

Interviewer:- ok, good. U ll have to clear the aptitude round for your selection

Rashmi:- ok sir,will do dat.

After clearing the aptitude test:-

Interviewer:- U have cleared the aptitude round but we don’t hire fresher’s. So try next time. Ok, all the best.

Rashmi:- Thank you.


After having all the degree’s and clearing all the rounds yet i wasn’t selected.

STRANGE!!!! we don’t hire fresher’s!!!

How will one get an experience unless hired?? Weird right??

Long distance relationship

On call:-


Hello, how was ur day? Did u eat properly? I miss u soooooo much,can’t wait to meet u in person,It’s so difficult to b so close n yet so far!!!☹

With tears in her eyes,she tried smiling as this distance is so difficult to deal with..


Don’t worry babe, It’s just a matter of time plz don’t cry, this makes it even more difficult for me to stay away from u..

We have to b strong!! Come on give me a virtual hugπŸ€—πŸ€—

Both stared at each other with sparkling eyes n wishes in heart to meet each other soon.


Yes yes m so sorry I ‘ll b fine don’t worry and bdw u didn’t answer my que!! R u fine?


Yes m fine n ate on time. What about you? How r u? What did u do? Is everything okay?


M fine n my day was great!!

And after talking for 2hours non stop sharing everything with each other n supporting and exchanging plans for the next day..

She said okay babe got to go!!!

He:- bt it’s only been like 2hrs!! They hv passed by like 2mins!! Don’t go wait up!!! U knw I have day off tomorrow

She:- but u knw I hv an early day tmrw, I don’t hv a day off m sorry I ‘ll call u tmrw asap!!! Bye sweetie good night take care of yourself,love u.❀❀

He:- yeah, I do understand. U too take care of yourself, ‘ll b waiting for u, miss you!! Sleep well ❀❀

N then they hung up the call..

As they knew they will have to wait for another 12/14hrs to see each other!!πŸ‘«

“Just a Part of difficulties u face in a long distance relationship “β€πŸ‘«

Long distance relationship

He:- hii, honey can’t wait to c u wen i get home..

Miss u,love❀

She:- off course babe, i can’t wait to c u too, miss u my loveπŸ’

He:- babe m home!!! Can’t wait to see you!!

She:- be there in a min babe

He:- waiting!!!

She:- video call in 2mins babe…

call connected😍😍

He:- hey sweety, how r u my love??

She:- i m fine babe, how abt u?




Can’t c u!!!

Uffff!!! Wi-Fi sucks!!!

Bad connection!!!

Call ended!!☹☹

Struggles of a long distance relationship!!!!


Isn’t birthday our favourite day other than any festival’s during the year??

Well as crazy as it may sound for a 22yrs old girl waiting eagerly for her b’day n that too 6mnths prior!!!

I am one of them..

Hello guys I am Rashmi Bharthi and this is my story

Now birthday is my most fav time of the year n y not? It’s time to celebrate d day u r born n most importantly who would say no to all the gifts n beautiful memories v create each year passing by..

So it was my 22nd birthday np everyone started planning for it days before n acted completely different as if no one remembers it,

I still remember my brother acting completely weird n unaware of my birthday

On the 3rd Aug he called our mom n said mom don’t wait up I ‘ll b late from work n by hearing this is I was a bit angry.. Like for real?? U don’t hv time for ur sis b’day?? Have u really forgotten?

But deep down I knew that’s not possible he’s definitely planning on something

Bt as to my surprise he came home within hour and a half n acted like he’s “ill” n wanted to “rest”

And my mood was off n I was thinking really no surprise? No celebration? No wish?

To cheer my mood up I brought the inner model in me n started clicking pictures

N not just him my dear dear friend’s kept reminding me hey sorry v won’t be able to come, v r busy,blah blah blah

I was like yeah fine I totally understand n d inner me was like oh dude u guys r so dead!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

To my surprise my mom got very serious about all this n she really thought everyone has forgot that my b’day is tmrw that is on 4th Aug,

So she went up to my cousin brother n asked him to bring the cake n surprise me

AWWWWWW how sweet mom’s are ryt..

10mins before the clock struck twelve my brother somehow sneaked out of the house to bring in my surprise!!!

Yes ryt dats how he tried to prove that he forgot my b’day!! Strange right!!

He really needs to take some acting lessons πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But no kidding this huge surprise even I didn’t expect

As the clock struck twelve everyone came home signing

Happy birthday to you

HAPPY birthday to you

Happy birthday to dear Rashmi

Happy birthday to you 😍❀❀❀

I was so happy to c this..

There they were,

My friends my parents my brother n my other family members

With big boxes of gifts n not just one not even two bt 3cakes n lots of gifts πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

N this my dear friend’s was the best birthday of my life

Full of surprises ,emotions , love, care n warmth!!

As August is just few month’s away it’s the right time to start getting excited for this year’s celebration πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This is exactly how crazy as it sounds right???


Happy birthday to me😍